Intifada - A New Years Revolution

Please come to this show. It's sure to be a good one!

I will be showing three photographs. Here is a sneak preview of one particularly heated photograph...




Posted by zach
09 16th, 2010

It’s a party. It’s an exhibition of revolutionary art. It’s a night to showcase our struggles and unite in our efforts to impact our community. You are invited to present your artwork representing your revolutionary ideas, successes, and aspirations.

Intifada is a Denver art exhibit and holiday party centered on “art of the revolution”.  The event will bring together local activist groups, community organizations and like-minded individuals through an exhibit of art and revolutionary ideas.  Subject matter of the artwork will be focused on human rights, social justices, consumerism, environmental issues, food and water access, media, capitalism, sustainability, civil liberties, etc. This party will be a celebration of our efforts to induce change in an innovative, fun atmosphere with food and beer from local vendors, good music, and camaraderie.