Featured Gallery of the Month - March

For the next twelve months I will be highlighting each of my photography galleries and present to you new work in each category. 

Beginning this month I would like to show you my high-resolution panoramic images and tell you a little about the process that goes into creating these images. 

Click Here to View the Enitre Panoramic Gallery

Many of my panoramic images including the image above (captured in March of 2010 at the entrance of the Grand Teton National Park) are created utilizing 10-25 separate exposures that are later stitched together digitally to create stunning large format prints. For example the Teton image's final resolution is 29458 pixels X 2896 pixels. That is enough resolution to make a truly photographic quality print over 8 feet wide! Details that could never be seen within a single exposure now jump out of the image when viewed closely. 

Any of the panoramic images in my gallery are available for sale with custom printing and framing option available. Recently I have been experimenting with printing on removable wall art material. Similar to a decal but with great quality and removability this stuff looks great on the wall and is really cheap! Please contact me for more information.