A couple of days in NYC!

Last Friday, after a nice picnic lunch brought to me by my dad in the terminal at Midway airport in Chicago, I stepped through security just in time to watch the delay time on my flight to NYC Go from ten minutes to one-hundred and ten minutes. Sometimes I hate flying. But once I saw the Manhattan skyline from my window seat, my frustrations were gone. I was back in a place that has such overwhelming energy coursing through every inch. My personal life back in Denver has been a challenge for a little while, massive healing has been done after a bad breakup, and it was time to get away from the drama for good, and enjoy a weekend in the city! Dinner was had with Meryl B., a genuine great soul who's conversations could lift the spirits of anyone. (Sorry, I couldn't make it to Acro Yoga, it sounds intimidating but I will go one day!) After dinner I stopped by DBGB's for a $25 pint of Lefthand Brewery Beer and watched a great comeback by the Yankee's in Game 2 of the ALCS. It was a good night to lay low and just stay in after that. My favorite activity in NYC is just walking. I love seeing and just feeling the hustle and bustle. Saturday morning of this short trip I managed to make it through SoHo before the tourist crush to buy some styley new clothes for the winter, including an awesome LuluLemon jacket that's the coolest. From there, I just walked north, all the way up to the Garden, ate a slice of good old NYC thin crust. On my way, I hiked through Chelsea and spent time on the newly opened High Line Park (which is a new must see in the city!). I witnessed an amazing fall sunset over the Hudson river. The spirits were out this afternoon. I found a great photography subject, in a Whitney Museum sponsored installation under the park (see photos) The wind was howling through the Maple trees with this amazing light filtering through. When the wind blows I listen. Again in my life, serendipity hit me.  After a cleansing emotional moment, and a little chat with mom (thanks mom!), it was back on the subway to Bushwick in Brooklyn for some quiet time.  So I headed back to Castle Braid, spent a few on the rooftop meditating and writing then I just put in a movie, packed my stuff for the trip to Miami the next morning and closed my eyes for some nightmare free sleep.

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