Just a few buisinesses.

In January of 2012 I became a Google Trusted Photographer. Along with the great new credential came a lot of great new clients. Over the past 14 months I have completed more still photography in hugely varying environments for my clients than I have ever before in any period prior. My experience and knowledge were tested and expanded greatly. 

I want to share with you a portfolio of some of my favorite images captured with businesses recently. Please take a look at the gallery below...

These images are only one side of what I worked on last year. I also spent the last half of 2012 and a few months into 2013 travelling around the US photographing inked chefs and their food for my book project called Eat, ink. I will be sharing some of the photos from this project soon and the book will be out in Nov. 2013! 


Colorado State Patrol officers evict the Occupy Denver protesters in the early AM hours of 10/14/11.After putting down the camera and taking most of the month of September for vacation time travelling throughout southwestern Colorado, I've been very busy working on special projects and being a part of the Occupy Wall St. movement from here in Denver, Colorado.

Last night, I witnessed a large police action to clear the Occupy Denver camp in Lincoln Park at the foot of the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver.

I arrived about 11PM the mandated curfew Gov. Hickenlooper stated would be the time for the camp to go. Tensions were high as an action by the police was expected. The crowd was peaceful. Still, something powerful was about to happen.

On my way into the park, I saw Denver Police rigging up in riot gear and other police officers setting up a processing facility on the plaza between the Denver Public Library and Denver Art Museum. 

About 3:15AM , the Colorado State Patrol officers in full riot gear stormed the park. By daybreak, the camp was completely gone and 23 protesters were arrested. 

Please take a look at my Flikr photostream for images from the Occupy Denver movement. 



This month I'm taking you over to my photography gallery hosting website dlhcreative.zenfolio.com. I want to show you my work with the band Pressing Strings from Annapolis, MD. This group plays great music. I've been fortunate to have been welcomed to many of their shows while I was in the Baltimore/Annapolis area over the past couple of years.

In my photography of the band at various shows, I've been experimenting with RAW format capture and processing using Photoshop CS5. Being able to create styles post-capture is an amazing benefit. Being trained in traditional film photography techniques I still feel it's almost cheating though. But if I can increase the speed and level of my creativity while not sacrificing quality, I am all for it. 



Featured Gallery of the Month - APRIL

This month's featured portfolio is fitting for the Spring season. My "outside" portfolio features images created during my travels. I enjoy photographing both during the day and at night.

Check out this night shot from Montezuma, Costa Rica:

To create this image I utilized a long exposure to capture both the ambient light shining from just behind me and the lightning from the storm offshore. 


Featured Gallery of the Month - March

For the next twelve months I will be highlighting each of my photography galleries and present to you new work in each category. 

Beginning this month I would like to show you my high-resolution panoramic images and tell you a little about the process that goes into creating these images. 

Click Here to View the Enitre Panoramic Gallery

Many of my panoramic images including the image above (captured in March of 2010 at the entrance of the Grand Teton National Park) are created utilizing 10-25 separate exposures that are later stitched together digitally to create stunning large format prints. For example the Teton image's final resolution is 29458 pixels X 2896 pixels. That is enough resolution to make a truly photographic quality print over 8 feet wide! Details that could never be seen within a single exposure now jump out of the image when viewed closely. 

Any of the panoramic images in my gallery are available for sale with custom printing and framing option available. Recently I have been experimenting with printing on removable wall art material. Similar to a decal but with great quality and removability this stuff looks great on the wall and is really cheap! Please contact me for more information. 


Oh Miami...

My return to Miami after almost ten years away was awesome to describe it lightly. I don't know what it is about me and Miami, but I have no problem finding the best times that can be had. I met my business partner at the airport and we rolled to the famed Lowes Hotel on South Beach. After a minute at check-in, Curt worked his magic and we were on our way to the top floor and into one of the four Premium Suites! I opened the double doors to a view of excess and awesomeness. This room was bigger than my condo with a million dollar view from the giant balcony! The VIP treatment was in full effect as always, and the trip had only just begun. I immediately put my trunks on and dove in the ocean. I am very connected to Mother Earth. She helps me to process sometimes. Just like in the High Line park in NYC, I completely let go. She let me float weightlessly. After a hour of meditation (aka suntanning) on the beach we cleaned ourselves up and went down for the first of many to come networking sessions at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C domain conference. The next day was filled with new learning about a new and potentially very profitable industry, the domain real estate game. That night we were invited to the .CO sponsored party at the Versace Mansion. Stepping over the murder scene where Gianni gave his life, I entered into the epitome of excess. I enjoyed sipping on Johnny Black while mingling with some of the most powerful people in the biz, and a few models along the way. When the party died down, we jumped into a new friend's luxury ride and headed to Club Mokai to dance the night away. It was a rocking evening that made me feel like I was home again. Tuesday morning, I awoke and again made a beeline for the ocean and some time on the sand. The ocean and the beach are the best hangover cure money can't buy. After my recovery, I headed in to see Don King deliver the keynote speech. That guy has skills. The rest of the day was again spent learning and networking. The last gathering was for the live domain auction and grand prize raffle, which I won! I am the proud new owner of an 32gb 3G enabled iPad!!! Thanks to domainadvertsing.com for the awesome prize. It's a win I will never forget. All in all, Miami never ceases to amaze me. The beautiful beaches, the best clubs, the most beautiful women, and great connections in both business and life, all combine to make it very hard to leave. Miami will always hold a special place in my heart. Someday, I will buy a home here so I can finally chase the sun forever. Click HERE to see the full image gallery.

A couple of days in NYC!

Last Friday, after a nice picnic lunch brought to me by my dad in the terminal at Midway airport in Chicago, I stepped through security just in time to watch the delay time on my flight to NYC Go from ten minutes to one-hundred and ten minutes. Sometimes I hate flying. But once I saw the Manhattan skyline from my window seat, my frustrations were gone. I was back in a place that has such overwhelming energy coursing through every inch. My personal life back in Denver has been a challenge for a little while, massive healing has been done after a bad breakup, and it was time to get away from the drama for good, and enjoy a weekend in the city! Dinner was had with Meryl B., a genuine great soul who's conversations could lift the spirits of anyone. (Sorry, I couldn't make it to Acro Yoga, it sounds intimidating but I will go one day!) After dinner I stopped by DBGB's for a $25 pint of Lefthand Brewery Beer and watched a great comeback by the Yankee's in Game 2 of the ALCS. It was a good night to lay low and just stay in after that. My favorite activity in NYC is just walking. I love seeing and just feeling the hustle and bustle. Saturday morning of this short trip I managed to make it through SoHo before the tourist crush to buy some styley new clothes for the winter, including an awesome LuluLemon jacket that's the coolest. From there, I just walked north, all the way up to the Garden, ate a slice of good old NYC thin crust. On my way, I hiked through Chelsea and spent time on the newly opened High Line Park (which is a new must see in the city!). I witnessed an amazing fall sunset over the Hudson river. The spirits were out this afternoon. I found a great photography subject, in a Whitney Museum sponsored installation under the park (see photos) The wind was howling through the Maple trees with this amazing light filtering through. When the wind blows I listen. Again in my life, serendipity hit me.  After a cleansing emotional moment, and a little chat with mom (thanks mom!), it was back on the subway to Bushwick in Brooklyn for some quiet time.  So I headed back to Castle Braid, spent a few on the rooftop meditating and writing then I just put in a movie, packed my stuff for the trip to Miami the next morning and closed my eyes for some nightmare free sleep.

Click HERE to see all images from my NYC trip!



The Beach Boys (w/John Stamos) and Pressing Strings @ Pier 6 Pavilion, Baltimore, MD

Jordan Sokel - (click image for gallery)

Josh Kachura - (click image for gallery)


I feel like I lived an episode of Full House last weekend. The band I have been photographing this year got the call to open for the World famous Beach Boys (the Mike Love half anyways.) Along for the show was famous TV star John Stamos who stepped in on guitar and drums for the BB's.

The real story here is the excitement for Pressing Strings in their largest venue to date. I was fortunate to be a part of a great moment for two very grateful gentlemen. Even their ladies got in on the fun when our group was invited to jam and dance along for the finale song!

Photographing this band this year has become an adventure in both my own creativity and fun! 

Please take a look at the images I created of this highly enjoyable event...

Zenfolio Image Gallery HERE



Pressing shutters with Pressing Strings

Two trips to the Chesapeake Bay area in the past month have yielded a new connection to a great band, Pressing Strings. I have photographed this trio twice recently.

Last night, at the Rams Head On Stage venue in Annapolis, Maryland, PS took the stage for the release of their 2nd CD titled Episodes. The show was great, the photography even more fun. I am loving my newest camera acquisition...

Please check out two new galleries featuring Pressing Strings, here. (or click on the images below.)

Pressing Strings CD release party @ Rams Head On StagePressing Strings at Stan and Joes - Gallery Link