Welcome to DLHCreative.com. I'm Daniel Luke Holton. With more than eighteen years' professional experience in the visual creative arts, I work with my clients to create outstanding visuals in both print and a range of digital formats. It is my passion to apply creativity to every endeavor. I strive to become an integral part of the World's creative culture. 

I founded DLH Creative in mid 2000 after my graduation from The Colorado Institute of Art with a degree in Editorial Photography.  Until 2008, I operated the company part time while working full time. In 2008 I decided to take a risk and make the jump to running my company full-time. Throughout my career I've expanded my knowledge of the visual creative arts to include graphic design, digital and large-format printing, video production/editing, web design and development, GIS mapping, and virtual reality.

I am DLH Creative, always ready to greet new challenges, constantly looking to gain new knowledge, ready to create for you.

Most recently, I've become a Google Street View Trusted Photographer and founded Trusted Photographer, LLC. I've also recently released my first book project, Eat, Ink.

Best Regards,
Daniel Luke Holton