This month I'm taking you over to my photography gallery hosting website dlhcreative.zenfolio.com. I want to show you my work with the band Pressing Strings from Annapolis, MD. This group plays great music. I've been fortunate to have been welcomed to many of their shows while I was in the Baltimore/Annapolis area over the past couple of years.

In my photography of the band at various shows, I've been experimenting with RAW format capture and processing using Photoshop CS5. Being able to create styles post-capture is an amazing benefit. Being trained in traditional film photography techniques I still feel it's almost cheating though. But if I can increase the speed and level of my creativity while not sacrificing quality, I am all for it. 



The Beach Boys (w/John Stamos) and Pressing Strings @ Pier 6 Pavilion, Baltimore, MD

Jordan Sokel - (click image for gallery)

Josh Kachura - (click image for gallery)


I feel like I lived an episode of Full House last weekend. The band I have been photographing this year got the call to open for the World famous Beach Boys (the Mike Love half anyways.) Along for the show was famous TV star John Stamos who stepped in on guitar and drums for the BB's.

The real story here is the excitement for Pressing Strings in their largest venue to date. I was fortunate to be a part of a great moment for two very grateful gentlemen. Even their ladies got in on the fun when our group was invited to jam and dance along for the finale song!

Photographing this band this year has become an adventure in both my own creativity and fun! 

Please take a look at the images I created of this highly enjoyable event...

Zenfolio Image Gallery HERE



Pressing shutters with Pressing Strings

Two trips to the Chesapeake Bay area in the past month have yielded a new connection to a great band, Pressing Strings. I have photographed this trio twice recently.

Last night, at the Rams Head On Stage venue in Annapolis, Maryland, PS took the stage for the release of their 2nd CD titled Episodes. The show was great, the photography even more fun. I am loving my newest camera acquisition...

Please check out two new galleries featuring Pressing Strings, here. (or click on the images below.)

Pressing Strings CD release party @ Rams Head On StagePressing Strings at Stan and Joes - Gallery Link